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Infinite Value: 4 Students Book Image

Here you will learn how a worthless loser learned how to embrace his INFINITE VALUE both inside and outside the classroom.

My newest book Infinite Value: 4 Students is a valuable resource for all of you growing up in a world of peer pressure, parent pressure, and general confusion about who and what you are.

Infinite Value 4 STUDENTS is a journey through my life, both inside and out of the classroom. It is a journey that I am still on today, but I have the desire to share some of what I have learned thus far. My ambition is to be a Mirror for students everywhere. As I share my stories, experiences, successes, and failures it will provide a framework for students to more accurately and clearly see themselves.

To assist you on your journey, IV4S will equip you with tools and resources that I didn’t have available when I was in school. Do you realize that the the only difference from you being an ORDINARY student or an extraORDINARY student? It is that little bit “extra.” At the end of each chapter, you will be provided with the opportunity to accelerate your discovery of who you truly are. Once you begin to embrace the Infinite Value that you are, these tools will empower you to live out your True Market Value both in and out of the classroom.